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Dogs have always been considered to be loyal and helpful to a human in any another way around. They have always been closely associated with mankind. Be in terms of safety, work adherence and now in terms of investigation, they are playing a great role.all the breed have their specialties and features, some are marked for their appearance some are with acing intelligence and some are with speed. In the mid of this run, some have the great senses working which help them to stand among the crowd. The search and rescue dogs are good with dealing the miss-out and the chasing the subjects for which they are appointed.


The name as ‘ search and rescue dogs ‘ itself suggest that they are meant to be the savior for the subject as they raised the way to rescue to the needy one by helping the team to reach. The dogs may not be as fast in their foot but their smelling abilities are beyond the count as they can easily have the smelling capacity up to 40 – 160 acres of land. Besides they have an additional feather for them is they are terrain specific. some breeds are well known to work in any inhabited land. The clue by which they progress is the smelling mechanism .there are a lot of mechanisms by which they reach up to the subject. A small piece of the team does follow its steps to reach to the injured one. they do have the sense of finding the injured and the cadaver in the times of natural disasters and lead the way for the team to help them out. The aiding organization such as Red Cross do have a wide have a wide approach towards search and rescue dogs.


The search and rescue dogs are meant to have the feature of rescuing along which that they have a certain difference between them . on the basis of the differences they are been classified as follows.

  1. Tracking Dogs: the name itself suggest that these dogs are meant to track the evidence irrespective of the disturbances on the ground. They have the feature of using nose and trying to get the smell from the ground. They can work in any terrain irrespective of their familiarity.
  2. Trailing Dogs: these dogs are meant to use the scent mechanism. They try to follow the scent present in the air and proceed further. They lead the team and comparatively the trailing dogs are fastest.

To conclude. The tracking and trailing dog do contribute a lot to the human-associated organization. Irrespective of their different mechanism of finding the subject they have the common function of search and rescue. Both of the classified dogs are quick and efficient at work. There are a lot of the breeds those have a direct rescue function and leading the way to find out the subject as soon as possible. Appointing them in the rescue tea comes with a big benefit.