About Us

What is sarquest.org?

Our website is a place where we promote the products of our partners through content marketing. At the same time, we try to maintain a high quality of advice and articles presented by us.
All content is created by experienced copywriters permanently connected with the subject of health&beauty.
The topic of each publication is subject to deep research, taking into account scientific sources. At the same time, we try to exhaust the topic as much as possible, so that our posts are not just another superficial discussion of a given topic.

Responsibility for information

Despite the enormous amount of work we put into the development of our service, we also make mistakes. This results from the necessity to verify the knowledge provided to us by producers or found in the Internet.
Despite many sources, we are not always able to confirm the information.
Therefore, we have launched a special section, which additionally verifies the information reported by our users.

Have you noticed an error on the website? We invite you to the “Contact” section.

You want to promote your products?

Write to us, ask about the terms of cooperation – we will not leave any application without answer.
We reserve the right to choose contractors and products.

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